Below are frequently asked questions (and their answers), regarding the Red Oxygen system.

How can I upgrade to a paid account?

To set up a paid account, you must first create a trial account. Once you have downloaded the software and sent a few test messages, you can upgrade your trial to a paid account.

How can I change my daily message limit?

Your daily message limit is set to 10 by default. To have this changed, please email .

What is the difference between a user and an administrator?

A user can send text messages. An administrator can manage an account.

How can I manage administrators in my account?

To do this:

  • Log onto:
  • Click the “Administration” tab
  • Click the “Administrators” sub-tab

How can I manage users in my account?

To do this:

  • Login to:
  • Click the “Administration” tab
  • Click the “Users” sub-tab

How do I reset my view or password?

Please email .

What can I do if I keep getting error emails from Red Oxygen?

Please forward the error message to and ask them what you need to do to have it fixed.

What is the OMS service provider URL?

The service provider URL is:

How do I get a new installation code for Office SMS?

To get a new installation code…

  • Click the “Tools” menu in Microsoft Outlook
  • Click “Office SMS Options…”
  • Click the “Account Settings” tab
  • Click “Account Management”
  • Click “Create or update new Office SMS account on server”

How do I make my Office SMS toolbar come back?

There are a few possible causes for this…

  1. One of the Outlook plug-ins installed on your computer is conflicting with Office SMS. To check this:
    • Click the “Help” menu in Microsoft Outlook and click “About Microsoft Outlook”
    • Click “Disabled Items”
    • If Office SMS is listed, then it has been disabled
  2. The Office SMS toolbar has been turned off. To check this:
    • Click the “View” menu in Microsoft Outlook and click “Toolbars”
    • Ensure that “Office SMS” is turned on
  3. There is some other problem pertaining to Microsoft Outlook. To fix this:
    • Click the “Help” menu in Microsoft Outlook and click “Detect and Repair…”
    • Click “Start”
    • Re-install Office SMS

How do I become a reseller?

Red Oxygen is always looking to expand into new countries, as well as work with partners across our current networks. If you are located in Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or New Zealand, please download the relevant agreement below and send your full contact details along with any questions to .

For inquiries outside of these countries, please complete the form below.

How long is a standard SMS?

The same as from a standard cell phone. 160 GSM characters, except when sending to a CDMA network like Sprint, which reduces it to 120 characters. 70 characters when sending in Unicode, Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew, etc…