All of Red Oxygen’s products make it easy to send & receive text messages from your computer.

Most Popular Products

Send SMS from
Microsoft Outlook

Office SMS

  • Works with Outlook XP, 2003-2019, & (soon) Office 365
  • Delivers scheduled SMS even if computer is off

Send SMS from
Microsoft Outlook


  • Works with Outlook 2007/2010 & SharePoint
  • No download required

Send SMS using CSV file

Bulk SMS

  • Best product for blasts of 500+ SMS
  • Imports contacts from CSV file (Excel, etc.)

Send SMS from
your CRM


  • Direct access to SMS gateway
  • Leverage your existing communication infrastructure

Specialty Products

Send SMS from
your browser


  • Works on PC & Mac
  • No download required

Send SMS from Gmail

Gmail SMS

  • Google Chrome add-in, adds prominent “Send SMS” button to Gmail UI
  • Integrates with Gmail contacts list

All Products Feature

Product Comparison Chart

Messaging Features Office SMS
Office SMS Icon
OMS Icon
Bulk SMS
Bulk SMS Icon
API Icon
Web SMS Icon
Gmail SMS
Gmail SMS Icon
SMS replies from recipients arrive as emails
SMS replies from recipients also forward to cell
Scheduled SMS sends even if computer is off
Uploads distribution lists
Imports contacts
Sends Outlook calendar reminders
Bulk SMS blasts of 500+
System Integration
Integrates with Microsoft Office 365
Integrates with Microsoft Outlook 2016
Integrates with Microsoft Outlook 2013
Integrates with Microsoft Outlook 2010
Integrates with Microsoft Outlook 2007
Integrates with Microsoft Outlook 2003
Integrates with Microsoft Outlook XP
Integrates with CSV data (e.g. Excel)
Integrates with client software/CRM
No download required

Product Benefits

Scheduled SMS Be punctual! Send messages in advance for important reminders and alerts.

Replies Replies to email or replies to cell phone? You choose. We’ll deliver it to either.

Message Originator Look professional by replacing the sender number with your business name. Not available on CDMA networks.

Advanced User Management Control freak? Manage daily text message usage, view reports, and much more!

Long SMS Have you got more to say? We can deliver messages up to 765 characters in length!

Secure Text Message Transmission Security-conscious? Your messages are automatically encrypted so your privacy is protected.

Unicode Multilingual? We support characters from all languages, including English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish.